New Laboratory Equipment And Partner

laboratory apparatus equipment and their uses

We are truly honored to be able to say we partnered up with ScienceInTheTriangle.

To be able to provide accurate result and to perform reliable experiments our facilities are at the top of the line and our equipment of high quality. We spare no expense to make sure these goals are met and just recently we received a donation which made us able to refresh our labs with new laboratory equipment. We used ScienceInTheTriangle (see link below), a newly started company that provides laboratory equipment of a wide variety. They have agreed to partner up with us and gave us great deal on a number of new laboratory gear and machines.

The deal concerned a new spectrophotometer, new laboratory scales and colorimeters, but first and foremost a whole new set of refractometers. Refractometers are used on a daily basis in our labs and we rely on them to get accurate data. We got samples of their equipment for evaluation and after having used it for about two weeks our scientists are more than happy with their performance.

We are always careful to meet the high standards required in order to achieve reliable and repeatable results and will seek new and better solutions for problems and obstacles, why we are always looking for new partners and possible employments. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you have something new for us!